As a couponer, Christmas shopping is an all year event. Always searching, always watching. This means two things: 1) keeping a ‘ticker’ list of wish lists and 2) having a Christmas budget set aside – at ALL times. If you are blessed with a limited budget (like us) this is easier said than done. It takes DIS*CI*PLINE. Buckets and buckets of discipline…by the truck loads…and Dave Ramsey. Amen.

We all plunked down onto the sofa this morning to look through the coveted Farm Fleet magazine. Funny thing, we do not have a Farm Fleet store in our town. The nearest Farm Fleet is two hours away. Yet, we dutifully look through their weekly paper and Christmas Catalog. We subscribed to neither. They just show up. Life is funny like that.

What did we discover? Our girly girl would like: 1) a pink air shot BB gun 2) a pink fishing pole 3) a pink compound bow 4) a pink camo tent (with matching sleeping bag and camping chair) and 5) an acoustic guitar. I am simply perplexed. I say this because we are not hunters. My husband does not hunt. I do not hunt. It is a life-skill that we yearn to teach our children. We just haven’t gotten that far. Yet, our sweet and innocent little 6-year-old princess wants a gun, fishing pole, compound bow and camo gear. Not forgetting the acoustic guitar for a thrilling rendition of Kumbaya I’m sure. Is this psychological warfare via advertising or divine intervention for skills that we should (and want) to teach our children?

For those of you who do not have your darling child asking for an arsenal, here are a few Christmas couponing tips:

Children’s Place is having their annual Columbus Day sale. Use this code D2F2011 to take an extra 20% off the up to 75% off clearance items and FREE shipping deals. Use your Shop At Home account to get 6% cash back. DOUBLE the normal 3% cash back. is one site to check regularly for savings. Use this code CH8SKPRNWRFE8 to get $5 off anything in your order.

Walgreens usually has their B2G1F sale on toys starting around Thanksgiving and running through Christmas. Use your RRs to bring down those totals at the register. Limit one RR or coupon per item unless stacking with a store coupon. See rules for details.

Kohls has codes BUYMORE15 to get 15% off your entire purchase or SAVEMORE20 to get 20% off your purchase of $100+. Valid through October 10th. Shipping is automatically free on orders of $75+. Use your Shop At Home account to get 4% cash back. These codes can be printed out for in-store purchase, see website for details. Our town has a BRAND SPANKING NEW Kohls that just opened. If you are local and lucky enough to get their mailer, you should have a $10 off anything in the store card. Put it to good use!

Enter giveaways! We enter just about every giveaway that we come across. If you subscribe to several blogs you will likely see one just about everyday. So far this year we have won: a book, a mixing bowl set, a recipe rock, cleaning products and high-value coupons. It only takes a few minutes and really, whats the difference. It is slightly more productive that spending hours looking though old classmates pictures on Facebook, right?

If you are a crafty person, there are endless possibilities online. Fave Crafts is one of our families go-to sites (we also subscribe to their e-newsletter). Among getting weekly crafting ideas, we have also scored several FREE e-books which you can download and print off. You could consider dressing an e-book up and giving it to a close relative that is also a fellow crafter. I know I would LOVE it!


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